Nick Coma


b. 1986, HK.


I've trained Siri to refer to me as Lord Vader. People tell me I'm weird when they hear that, I tell them that I see through their Jedi tricks. Last year I lived in Chicago and the Cubs went to the World Series, this year I moved to Philly and the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Coincidence? I think not. I have also been a hand model and started my acting career dressed as a kangaroo.  My life experiences have also taught me many important facts, such as how some birds can't fly, elephants lack gills, and that cars are not microwaves. More importantly though, my full time job is to mesmerize you into buying things. I am an ad man and art director working in San Diego. Watching Star Wars, eating tacos, and playing the latest video games are a few of my other hobbies when I am not entrenched in deadlines or getting my cold brew fix.


Domino's Pizza
Stanley Black and Decker
American Airlines
Flor De Cana Rum
Craftsman Tools
Speck Phone Cases
Stride Gum
Sheetz Convenience Stores
Tomboy X